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Chinatree Chico Nino
Chico - ASH n v
HKL negative

Inyanga Tamorie Newstar BUR b x Gr Ch Inyanga Princess Tiara ALH as 11 31
I specifically bred Chico in January 2010, to give me a new bloodline which carries longhair enabling me to start off my Tiffanie breeding program. He is proven to carry blue and chocolate, and inbreeding is 0% over four generations giving me a lot to work with. Having sired numerous litters there are many of his offspring having a fine time working their way up the "show" ladder displaying the wonderful temperement he has bestowed upon them.

Gr Ch Inyanga Raphael
Raf - ALH ns 11 31
HKL negative 

Creamcounty Kennbury Bizet ASH cs 11 31 x Gr Ch Kevona Jezebelle ALH as 11 31
Raf came to me in 2013 after proving himself as a very gentle caring stud boy, in both Scotland and Hampshire. He is most valuable within the Tiffanie breeding programme and I am very grateful to Elaine for breeding such a stunning boy and to Elizabeth for looking after him so well. We are very proud of a certain young lady sired by him Kurshinka Georgia who won “Best of Variety Tiffanie” in her first two shows as a kitten, proving that his offspring are just as impressive as he is.
Gr Ch Khazarox Chinatree Lashka
Lashka - ASH cs 11 31
HKL negative 
Gr Ch Inyanga Rafael ALH ns 11 31 x Kimarlim Khazarox Starr BUR h
Here is the baby of the family my cuddly loving Lashka. With his temperement being to absolutely die for I would like to say a very big thank you to Dawn of Khazarox for giving him uniquivocally the best start in life. He made his way through the ranks of Champion up to Grand Champion in the first show season of him as an adult, something of which we are all very proud. Being the son of Raf - but shorthair, carrying the longhair gene, it makes him available at stud to shorthair queens who need the blood line but also need the short coat rather than the long coat of the Tiffanie.