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The Home Of  Asians

Specialising in Tiffanies


 My name is Cathy Agus and I live in Plymouth, Devon. I am constantly working hard to strengthen the bloodlines necessary to breed Asian Tiffanies. I do this by introducing new lines through Burmese and other short-haired Asians. The Asian breed incorporates not only the Tiffanie, but the Burmilla, Self, Smoke and Tabby varieties, there are over 600 colours and patterns within the Asian breed. There are an amazing variety of coat types and patterns, but they all have one thing in common - their loving and loyal nature. Once you allow an Asian to own you there will be no escape as they will always have a hold on your heart strings.

 I have owned cats practically all my life and came into breeding some years ago, but I very quickly became addicted to the Tiffanie after my first girl, Inyanga Princess Tiara "Tizzy", arrived all the way from Scotland!  All of my kittens are very social and confident as they are born in my home with all the sights and sounds of a normal household they do also have their own playroom for when they get big enough to venture away from mum.

My cats are my passion; if you look through my website I hope you will be able to share my enthusiasm.




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